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Hummus Adventure in Zichron

When running late scrambling to get up north before Shabbat, finding a place to eat is hard. But to our surprise what we found is Zichron Yaakov wasn’t just food but good food at that. As we began our trip to Haifa for the weekend, we left the house at 11:30 thinking we will get food along the way for the four of us, two adults plus two kids. Well typical Israel, mall and road stops don’t signage early enough for my speedy gonzalese husband. Soon it was 3:00 an hour before Shabbat  and we passed Zichron.

I have always loved Zichron, what is not to love. Beautiful little city tucked away in the hills over looking the Mediterranean. The city has taken great pains to ensure that the even the streets look quaint, matching the entire region’s wine and cheese flavor. As we drove up the main strip I didn’t expect to find anything that would be open but to our surprise Yoshki hummusia was kosher and open. I stepped in, of course there was no menu.  When I asked what there was, the waiter responded with “what do you want”. Finally we settled on hummus with meat, pita, shakshuka, and bean soup. He explained that we would have to eat outside since they were going to cleaning the restaurant, trying to shut down before Shabbat.

Now I was expecting much, and they definitely exceeded my expectations. The Hummus was a kinds chunky and creamy and even in their rush they took the time to apply all the condiments including olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, paprika and pine nuts.  Although this was not like Jerusalem Hummus it was really good with the fresh pita.

Both my husband and I were not big fans of the bean soup which need flavoring. But the eggs in the shakshuka were well cooked , the texture was creamy and it wasn’t too spicy (look my kids are not such fans of charif). I was just surprised that the cook who made it on the spot in a huge rush managed to make a simple but delicious meal.

While we sat enjoying the food, a little sun shower and the calm of Shabbat fell over the main street. After our meal we were ready to make our last jaunt to get to Hafia, We piled back in to the car so happy with full bellies and a great pre Shabbat feeling.

So if you are in the area check out the Hummusia is on the main drag to your right when coming into the city. It is definitely worth the drive.


So close to Italy Yet so Far…


After sojourning the American land of the beef and berries, coming back to Israel felt just great. Especially to have my givena levana, there is no real substitute. However, something started to feel lacking.

I have gotten over the fact Israel is not known for its beef, and cold weather vegetables and fruits are not going to be the same, but why in Israel is a good piece of pizza so hard to find. Israel is in the Mediterranean area, we have great tomatoes, olives, oil, and even better bread.

So why is the pizza so elusive? I was at the mall Saturday night, which in my opinion is pizza night, and I looked at my options: Sbaros and Home pizza. Sbaros looked like one huge piece of dough so I went with home pizza, which was not much better. I had them heat the pizza three times as long as normal so the crust would actually be a little crispy, the cheese was like plastic and sauce so tasteless as to be nonexistent. I feel that Israelis love lots of flavor and texture and pizza for the most part here lacks both. Why?

Therefore, for the next couple of post I’ll be trying out the best or possibly the worst pizza places in Israel.

Any suggestions just posts them below.

And the final word on Home pizza, stick with the falafel next door.