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‘Tis the Season for Sufganiot

Once upon a time, 8 years to be exact, in the mythical land of Sufganiot there was but one sufgania (the neon red jelly type with powdered sugar). Everyone ate them, everyone liked them.

After some time, the royal Bakers thought to themselves and realized that not everyone in Sufganiot land is the same. So why do should all the sufganiot be the same. The race was on. Every baker across the land began to experiment with their sufganiot. Some put in caramel, others went with chocolate. Every baker competed with his neighbor over how creative their sufganiot would be.

Now Sufganiot land is like Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors. There are more choices than subjects. And the people are happy. SO what is the moral of this little story?

1. “They tried to kill us; we were saved; now lets eat”

2. The important aspect of sufganiot is to unite us as common people to an occurrence long ago. Whether we eat the same or different kinds of sufganiot, the point is to eat because it unites us as a people.

3. Sufganoit are at least 4 weight watchers points so you shouldn’t eat a whole truck load even if you can.