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Einstein Kosher Restaurant

Thank you Moshe Mizrachi for the great post all the way from Munich

After a long day of airports, airplanes and taxis, not to mention the 10 hours spent fixing computer problems, I took a quick walk into the Munich (or should I say Muenchen) city center.  Munich is a beautiful city and my next trip there I plan to really see the place, but on this cold Monday night I just wanted something to eat.  I had heard about a Kosher meat restaurant called Einstein so, work completed, I headed over there, double-time.

A quick stroll to St. Jakobs Platz (Saint Yaacov’s Place, for English speakers) and you find a wonderful, open square with some kind of Jewish history museum, a striking, stone-walled synagogue, and a nice 4-story building.  The security of said building was quite impressive.  Once you enter the small atrium the door behind you closes, security personnel in an adjacent, bullet-proof room talk you through the metal detector, and the next door will not open till they activate it by remote.  No one stands in the same room as you as you are checked.  The same goes for leaving.  Door opens, closes, then exit door opens.  Secure.

Once inside, I entered Einstein and was impressed with the décor.  Very open, very clean, very classy.  It being a slow night I was greeted immediately by a friendly man who showed me to my table and handed me the menu.  The menu is a bit on the short side, not having many options to choose from, but what is offered looks very good.

Being the carnivore that I am I selected the Fillet of Beef.  This is essentially a thick steak, with sautéed wild mushrooms and sweet potato puree.  It comes covered in some kind of “beef sauce.”  I have had many steaks in my time and, while not the greatest, this steak definitely ranks up there.  It was well tenderized, cooked medium-rare, and there wasn’t too much gristle (which I don’t really care for).  The sweet potato was wonderful, being well mashed and just the right amount of sweetness to balance the steak.  I especially enjoyed mixing the puree up with some of the sauce which is how I finished off my meal.  They also had a sizable selection of wines to choose from but I stuck with a simple glass of Coca-Cola.

The ambiance of the place has a relaxed-sophisticated feel and after the long, hard day I had this place and its food was exactly what I needed.  All said I spent a total of 27 Euro on the entire meal (plus tip).  Well worth it for me.  If ever you find yourself in Munich and looking for a nice Kosher meat restaurant, look no further than 13 St. Jakobs Platz and Einstein Kosher Restaurant.  Oh yeah, gutten tag!