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Coffee Shop Madness Part 4: Cafe Hillel

cafe hillelI always save the best for last. Sitting with Harry Rubenstein from Israel21c and Ben Jacobson from Jerusalemite at Cafe Hillel, I asked them what is your favorite coffee shop? Harry immediately answered Arcafe simply because they make great coffee. I have to agree but as a cafe I think Hillel is the best chain in Israel. That doesn’t mean it is the best coffee shop there are plenty of small family run little places that make awesome quiche. But as a chain I love Cafe Hillel. The atmosphere is always warm and friendly, they like to have outdoors and indoor seating. Great location all over the country. And they have a whole line of products that are just great from their jams to pastries.

I love their breakfast because it has all the elements I want to see and more importantly in the right portions. Cheese always comes with but different types not jut soft cheeses. Their vegetables come as a lettuce salad and cut up veggies perfect for stacking on a sandwitch. Tuna, avocado and even a small pastry. The perfect meal for anytime of day.

Now they have a whole new health section where they post all the calories, great idea. But when perusing the calories I kinda got scared of what  the full fat items must be like.

I guess  the main thing I love at Cafe Hillel is their fig jam, probably the best in the country short of a home made bubbies


Coffee Shop Madness Part 3


I will boldly go where many have gone before and many will after me, to perhaps the quintessential coffee scene in Israel, Tel Aviv. Being kosher sometimes as its down points, and in Tel Aviv it means a lot of the coffee shops are off limits. Thank G-d for Alternative. Its one of my favorite places to get a bite to eat and a cup of coffee. Located right next to Kikar Ha medina, with indoor and outdoor seating, Alternative is a stylish and warm places with ample space and always the right amount of staff. In a previous incarnation the restaurant was know as croissant, and still makes probably the best croissant I have ever tasted outside of france, so I always make sure to have one when I’m there.

The coffee is good but the food is great. Unfortunately the chef has trouble deciding what he wants to make, so their menu is miles long, which is never good. But I have never been disappointed by anything I have ordered. The Franchesca Salad is divine with brie cheese, nuts, fruit and baby greens. The sandwiches are big but not grotesque, and the leek soup I had was creamy and not too heavy. It has a great lunch menu where you can have a soup and salad with drink for a more than reasonable price, and  their desserts are out of this world. It is definitly worth making a trip to Tel Aviv just to go there.

All in all a great restaurant, just needs a little menu editing