Cafe Cafe on the run

cafe cafe 2(1)

I found myself between meeting and in Ramat Gan with little to no time to eat what should I do? well good thing Cafe cafe was there to save the day. They have a huge balcony seating area, which I didnt have a chance to enjoy since I had called ahead to make an order knowing I would not have time to eat there. I ordered the tunisian sandwitch and the house salad. The sandwitch was good and on great bread, but the salad was a wreck. Way over dressed and they claimed it had sweet potatoes but i could find any.

I really wish they had told me over the phone that they had sushi which would have been great on a hot day, so I guess ill have to go back and try it agian before a give a fianl reccommendation. One thing in their favor already  is that they are located everywhere and often have mehadrin kasrut standards.


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