Joy Bar and Grill: Needs a little tune up

joyjoy 2

The restaurant as you can see from the photos is simple beautiful and true to what was promised they had great drinks, my beer was exceptionally good.  But things started going downhill once we ordered our first courses. I ordered the tuna tartare, and well I didn’t get a tuna tartare, which is supposed to be diced with chilies and seasoning. I get slices of fishy tasting tuna with a salad with chilies cut so large I thought they were bell peppers and got quite a surprise. Our companions ordered the liver pate, which was decent although a little congealed, and chicken wings which were cooked well but just drenched in chili sauce which obliviously came from a bottle.

The waitress that served us was very nice and helpful but when I asked what my main course was served with she assured me it was a bakes potatoes, well I got mashed potatoes. My husband’s salad was so over cooked he sent it back not even wanting a second try. Good thing my chicken portion was so large that we both ate and were completely satisfied even with the reappearance of the bottled chili sauce that was on chicken wings which they called “scheuan”. Maybe the chef should take a trip to china to find out what scheuan sauce really it.  However, the chicken cordon blue, which being chicken breast I would never have ordered was delightful and well cooked. Full of fresh herbs and juicy smoky meat, the best dish of the night, and  almost made up for the disgusting liver dish that was served next to it. My only problem with the dish was yet another appearance of the chili sauce, which was so unnecessary.

Finally in repentance for my husband’s botched salad, the staff gave us a free dessert, not the ones we ordered but something on top that we didn’t ask for and in the end didn’t eat.

I feel really bad reviewing this restaurant in such a bad light since it really seems that they are trying. They have the decor and the menu items in place and the wait staff was very nice and polite albeit not necessarily well trained (none of our dished arrived at the same time). I think the Chef needs to sit down and go over the execution of the menu items and make sure they are absolutely right before serving them. And lay off the chili sauce.

I have great hope of Joy getting better so maybe in another year I’ll try it again. ..


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