Jerusalem Wine Festival 2009


As you can see the Jerusalem Wine festival was a total hit, and this picture curtsey of did not even show the huge crowds that came to the Israel Museum on Tuesday. Working with the wonderful and talented Holding the Sun productions, I got a press pass and go the festival two nights instead of the usual one. Well to sum up the 2009 festival there were good points and well not so good points.

First way too many people showed up, I cant blame them its a wonderful event. But the booths were clearly not capable of handling all of the drinkers much less to actually talk and describe the wines. I think the wineries also expected a good showing and only brought the lower level of wines, I dont think I tried very many  new other than the new Tabor sparkling wines which tasted horrible. However, I was pleasently suprised by the Golan, pino noir which they chilled and was light a refreshing. Other notables was the Yatir , Sauvignon blanc with an amazing fruity fragrance. Kinda felt like ambrosia. To me the wine festival is a way to taste wine that would not normally buy and the crowds did little to further that end. Yet the music was great, the view spectacular and the wine as always are good even if i have had them before .

The last bothersome point for me was that there was only one food option was Tnuva cheese, something I could have bought at my supermarket. Now cheese is a great accompaniment to wine, but I would have liked to have seen more variety. Three years ago they had a whole food court with plenty of options where everyone found something they liked. And heck maybe if there was more food people would be crowding the wine booths.

Still for 60 sekels its the best game in town, my husband suggest that the wine makers have another wine festival with a higher ticket entry but will get a more reserved and dignified crowd. Maybe you never know?

also here is a picture of David Rhodes he is an expert at wine.  We had a great time chatting at the wine fest, also took some awesome photos check them out at his blog at

David at Festival


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